What are our students, guests and shoppers saying about us?

Great dive shop. I am looking forward to making my goal of becoming a Master Scuba Diver. Rescue next. Lee is very helpful and knowledgeable

Carlos Omar Jimenez - - Sep 2016 -

Had a blast doing an open water referral with Brandi and Lee was very helpful in getting every thing set up before my big cozumel trip.!!

Javier Alvarado - Open Water Course - Jan 2016 -

Such a great shop and everyone is so willing to help you reach you underwater dreams. The also have monthly meetings for those interested were s topic is covered and you have time to socialize with fellow divers.

Miranda Knowles - - Oct 2015 -

Well , I was looking for a location to take the open water course and from the time I started and until the time the class was finished it was one of the most fantastic classes I have ever been in, All of the instructors are Very Helpful and could not have asked for more!! From the time I walked into the front door and met with Lee,and then the Class time and confined water with Rob and Brandy and hope I got it right Brandy if you ready this smiling. Until the open water final part of the course with Rob !! I would recommend if you are seeking to get certified they are a great group of Instructors that will take care of you from start to finish!.I took my class at the beginning of this year January .2015, and once again Thank you very much !!

Jerry Butler - Open water student - Apr 2015 -

We were still nervous about our open water dives in Cancun. No need to worry! We were so well prepared from what Lee taught us that we breezed thru our open water dives and had a great time.

Chris Lovell Cox - Open Water Course - Jan 2015 -

Great class, & awesome instructors! Thank you. Looking forward to future classes.

Kim Saling - - October 2014 -

I learned to dive here back in 2005 or 6. It was a great experience and more fun then expected. The since of breathing under water for the first time is mind blowing. Everyone must try diving even if you only dive on family cruises every few years like I do.

Benjamin Huttash - Open water student - Nov 2013 -